Japan Business Council for Trade and Investment Facilitation

-- Issues and Requests for Improvements on Trade and Investment Barriers in 2015 --

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1.Restrictions on entry of foreign capitals HTML
2.Grant of a preferential tariff rates based on increased home production, and/or local procurements HTML
3.Export requirements HTML
4.Restrictions on withdrawal of operations HTML
5.Regulations on parts industrial policy HTML
6.Reduction and elimination of preferential policies for foreign capital HTML
7.Procedures for the operation of the Foreign Investment Law HTML
8.Investment recipient organization HTML
9.Restrictive export/import trade, duty, and customs clearance HTML
10.Restrictive measures for operations in Free Trade Zones ("FTZs") and Special Economic Zones ("SEZs") HTML
11.Restriction on profits remittance abroad HTML
12.Exchange controls HTML
13.Finance HTML
14.Taxation Systems HTML
15.Price controls HTML
16.Employment HTML
17.Implementation of intellectual property rights ("IPRs") HTML
18.Demands for technology transfer HTML
19.Industrial standards, approval of safety standards HTML
20.Monopoly HTML
21.Restrictions on land ownership HTML
22.Environmental pollution and waste disposal HTML
23.Inefficient administrative procedures, regimes and practices HTML
24.Indigested legislation, abrupt changes HTML
25.Government Procurement HTML
26.Others HTML

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